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Campaign Against Racism Group

No upcoming events at the moment


Funeral and celebration of the life of Dr Yeow Poon


It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of Dr Yeow Poon, founding member of CARG, and our first Chair. 

His dedication to community, wisdom and leadership guided us throughout and we shall miss him terribly.

Condolence messages can be left in the comment section here.

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CARG has become an unincorporated charity with a Constitution following the template provided by the Charity Commission.  We aim to become a Charity Incorporated Organisation in due course. 


Please join us for CARG Launch Party on October 21st to hear our plans, have lively discussions and enjoy a simple, delicious lunch. 


Going forward, CARG will continue to advocate for change in the Criminal Justice System and in Education, as well as the impact of racism on Mental Health.


Eva Wong Nava, author and CARG member, has been busy during ESEA Heritage Month, participating in a range of events involving ESEA representation in the arts, literature and children's books, as well as ESEA culture and colonial history.

For a full feature of Eva activities see her blog post.



Reverend Mark Nam, a Chinese priest in the Church of England and a CARG member, was invited in July to attend a service of workshop and memorial at the St John’s in Alabama. 


Mark was asked by the Union of Black Episcopalians to participate in a ‘Litany of Libation’ in honour of Ancestors, Saints, and Elders who have toiled, fought, and spent their lives seeking justice and equality for black people in America.

The significance of being invited to perform this sacred ritual—as someone who is not black—was not lost on Mark, and it will live long in his heart.

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CARG Response to Home Secretary Anti-Multi-Culturalism Speech

The Home Secretary’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute Think Tank in Washington has raised safety concerns among the Chinese and Southeast communities.


Phrases such as:

  • “Uncontrolled immigration, inadequate integration, and a misguided dogma of multiculturalism have proven a toxic combination for Europe over the last few decades"

  • “Multiculturalism has failed”, “you can see it play out on the streets of cities all over Europe.”


Such harmful speech made in public discourse will have the dire consequence of fuelling hate crimes, fostering prejudice, and deepening the divisions within an already polarised nation. It is imperative to exercise caution and promote constructive dialogue to heal our fractured society.


CARG (Campaign Against Racism Group) comprises members representing various cultures and political perspectives. We call upon all politicians and media outlets to carefully consider the content and tone of public speeches.  CARG expresses our disappointment regarding the strong and potentially divisive nature of the speech delivered by someone with a diverse background, Home Secretary Braverman.

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