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Campaign Against Racism Group

Upcoming Events

  • 21 Oct, 12:00 – 15:00
    Birmingham, 99 Bradford St, Birmingham B12 0NS, UK
    On 21 October 2023, Campaign Against Racism Group (CARG) will be opening a new chapter as an Unincorporated Charitable Association, and we want you to be part of it!

Message from Dr Yeow Poon Chair

CARG was formed in early 2020 in response to racism and hate crimes against East and Southeast people in the UK.  Since then, CARG has produced press releases, complained to the media for discriminatory news articles, responded to policy consultations from the UK Government and attended forums from institutions such as the police and Crown Prosecution Services.


Going forward, CARG will continue to advocate for change in the Criminal Justice System and in Education, as well as the impact of racism on Mental Health.

Please join us for CARG Launch Party on October 21st to hear our plans, have lively discussions and enjoy a simple, delicious lunch.

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