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A Letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

On 11th January 2021, during the One Planet Summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an alarming remark which was reported by the Daily Mail as:

"…blaming the 'demented' practice of harvesting pangolin scales for causing coronavirus ... Mr Johnson tore into people who 'grind up the scales of a pangolin' in a bid to become more 'potent' - a thinly veiled attack on Chinese remedies.”

Whilst we appreciate that Mr Johnson, during a meeting on 13th January with the heads of Parliament's select committees, cautioned against a “lurch into a position of unthinking Sinophobia”, his use of provocative language at the One Planet Summit will contribute to rising Sinophobia.

For example, World Animals Voice reported the following:

“UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson blames Chinese for coronavirus pandemic telling world leaders it was triggered by ‘demented’ people who ‘grind up the scales of a pangolin’ in a bid to become more ‘potent’”

CARG's letter to Prime Minister is attached below.

Letter to PM 18th Jan 2021 final
Download PDF • 131KB

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