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Campaign Against Racism Group - Name Change

CARG came into existence as a response to the increase in racism and hate crime towards British East Asians and international students arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the group approaches its 2nd anniversary, it is felt appropriate to change its name to better reflect our ongoing campaign against racism. Henceforth, the group will no longer be referred to as the COVID-19 Anti-Racism Group and will instead be referred to as the Campaign Against Racism Group. The acronym “CARG” remains the same.

This is because acts of racism against East and South East Asian Communities (“ESEA") go beyond pandemic related acts of violence. We feel it is necessary to change the name to reflect this reality. The pandemic has exposed the different and varied forms of racism facing our communities—systemic and institutional, in education, the media, corporations, to name but a few.

As the Campaign Against Racism Group, we look forward to continuing our work in collaboration with other anti-racism groups, and hope you will continue to stand with us to fight racism.

December 2021

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