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CARG Rejects the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report

Updated: May 14, 2022

CARG stands in solidarity with anti-racist organisations to express our disappointment with the recent Sewell Report from the Commission on Race & Ethnic Disparities. The Runnymede Trust says that the report ‘whitewashed’ the problems facing ethnic minorities, with the Commission claiming that it found no evidence of institutional racism in the UK.

CARG found the report perpetuated the trope of the ‘model minority’, describing the Chinese as self-sufficient and high achieving while ignoring the problems faced by this community, especially the spike in racist hate crimes throughout 2020/21. Parts of the report contain nuanced sections that are constructive, however, the Commission ignored the evidence supplied by CARG of systemic racism against British East & South East Asian (BESEA) communities in politics, arts and the media.

CARG response to CRED report April 2021
Download • 167KB

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