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Celebrations in London Chinatown

Updated: May 14, 2022

From Geoff Leong on behalf of CARG.

“Congratulations to the anniversary of CIAC celebration, marking its historic work within the community here in London’s Chinatown, together with the HRH Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, celebrating with the Chinese community for the New Year Celebrations."

"It has been a great day to welcome HRH Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, and their continued support to the Chinese Community, and to celebrate CIAC’s anniversary.”

“Impact of hate crime affecting many of the Chinese community that had faced racism and abuse, Edmond Yeo of CIAC held a round table of discussions of these issues at heart."

Geoff Leong is a CARG Core Team member.

CIAC is the Chinese Information and Advice Centre in London Chinatown

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