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Crown Prosecution Service and Hate Crime 2

Following the first CPS-led webinar on Monday 14 September, CARG and CWT are co-hosting a follow up seminar. During the first webinar, the CPS introduced their work, nationally and locally, to raise awareness of what hate crime is and to improve the confidence to report, in order to reduce the levels of hate crime occurring.

The follow up seminar will be held at 2 PM on Wednesday 9 December. The CPS will focus on the legal framework for Hate Crime in England and Wales. The presentation will cover all aspects of the law including: key definitions, who the law applies to, specific offences, what offences look like in practice and how hate crime sentence uplifts work. The contents of this webinar is essential knowledge for anyone seeking to advise victims of hate crime, or who are enabling communities to better tackle Covid-related hate. It will last for about two hours with a mix of expert-led presentation by the CPS and an interactive Q&A session.

For further information:

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Please register by return of this email to, clearly stating the name of participant(s), additional email address(es) if any, and capacity (private/position & name of organisation), and we will respond with a webinar link.

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