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The Harm We Do - The effects of racism on children

Updated: May 14, 2022

There is relatively little research on the impact of racism on children. Children are born innocent and can regard each other with curiosity, but not fear or hate. But what if adult role models sow seeds of intolerance against anyone perceived to be different from themselves? Does this lead to a cycle of bullying and violence; how can it be broken, and what becomes of a child who is a victim? Can trauma be repaired?

CARG brought together two powerful speakers to focus on these issues, with opportunity to raise questions at the end.

  • Kam Bhui CBE FRCPsych is an eminent Professor of Psychiatry and Hon Consultant Psychiatrist with a special interest in ethnic inequalities, including the role of society, institutional and interpersonal discrimination and racism as drivers of poor health.

  • Beki Martin is Executive Director of Facing History and Ourselves; its teaching strategies have proven to significantly increase engagement, empathy, tolerance, and critical thinking skills in children, leading to civic responsibility.

The speakers presentation and the Q&A session can be seen in the following video.

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